With These Basics in Your Handbag, Be Prepped for the Wedding Season

The season for weddings is in full swing, and with all the planning, you need to be as organised as possible. While this exciting time of year is full of love, joy, and celebration, it may also be the scene of urgent beauty issues that require treatment. This calls for you to begin planning all the items you or your companions will require to raise your glam factor for the big day.

You’ll want to look your best, but having the appropriate equipment is just as crucial. Often, the tiny bridal clutch that is ideal for finishing your look can only hold a few items. With these essentials that you need to have on hand while attending, we’ve got you covered.

A lip balm made of beeswax: Winter weddings can also result in chapped lips. Beeswax is a natural moisturiser that keeps lips soft and supple and is effective as an anti-chapping treatment. Although it is an essential part of any skincare or makeup routine, it also fits neatly in a tiny handbag.

Pencil perfume: You feel more assured when you smell good. However, with all the dancing and scurrying around, regular touch-ups can also be necessary.

Blotting paper: Excessive skin oil is never attractive and can also cause makeup to dissolve. Blotting paper, which can be carried in your tiny clutch with ease, is the ideal product for soaking up oil. It gives your skin an airbrushed appearance and prolongs the wear of your makeup.

Safety pins: The best companion of any woman is a safety pin. It can be used in countless situations at a wedding, including sizing issues, wardrobe malfunctions, maintaining your dupatta’s position, and more. No of the situation, it is always a good idea to carry a few safety pins in your handbag.

Tissues: Tissues are a need for every wedding since you never know who might need one to wipe away happy tears. While attending a wedding, it’s usually a good idea to have some tissues on hand.

The brand ambassador for ITC Engage, Tara Sutaria, adds, “A perfume is really essential for my wedding activities. It is always on my list of essentials because it is so convenient to carry around and has a sleek, opulent appearance. Although the amount of planning might seem a little overwhelming, it is always better to be organised with a check list. It is crucial to keep in mind that this is one of the most important days in everyone’s life.