How to Grow Healthy Nails

Like any other part of our body, our nails require care and attention. A reflection of our personal hygiene is shown by our healthy nails. It’s not always necessary to spend a lot of money on manicures and pedicures to have healthy nails; we may take care of our nails at home. By giving our nails the proper attention on a regular basis and maintaining a balanced diet, we may maintain strong, healthy nails.

The use of too much water or frequent hand washing might weaken nails. Even hazardous laundry soaps and detergents make nails extremely brittle and prone to breaking. The nails may peel off and the edges may become uneven as a result. Sometimes a poor diet also causes brittle, fragile nails. Always eat a balanced diet that includes all the elements needed to maintain strong, healthy nails.

To maintain healthy nails at home, use the following basic advice:

  1. Put on gloves – Our nails weaken and become brittle when we expose them to excessive water or dangerous chemicals. When washing dishes or dusting the house, which both need the use of soaps and sprays, we can put on hand gloves. Gloves will shield our hands and nails from damaging chemicals and unneeded water exposure. Avoid letting your hands sit in water for too long.
  1. Keep them short – Short nails are usually preferable to long nails. Short nails are simpler to maintain because they are so simple to keep clean. Short nails have a lower likelihood of accumulating dirt. They even appear tidy and do not break easily. Short nails aid in preventing the growth of any dangerous bacteria.
  2. Refrain from getting fake nails – While getting artificial nails is the newest fad to look glamorous, there are cons associated with it. They not only weaken the nails because of how they are attached and the use of glue, but they also collect a lot of dirt underneath, which can serve as a breeding ground for many bacterial illnesses.
  3. Eat well – A balanced diet is important for the overall body as well as for strong nails. For the development of strong nails, incorporate natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. After speaking with your doctor, take supplements like biotin if you have weak nails for whatever reason.
  4. Stay hydrated – Nails can retain moisture when you drink adequate water. This stops the peeling and breaking of the nails.
  5. Take care of your cuticles – Manicures should be avoided as much as possible because they push the cuticles back. This might harm them and make the nail bed vulnerable to infections. It is suggested that you keep your nails moisturised because that creates the barrier that keeps nails strong. There are cuticle creams that moisturise very effectively and stop nails from breaking available.
  6. Avoid hand sanitizer – Since the epidemic began, we have increased the amount of hand sanitizer we use, which is highly bad for our skin and nails. Try to give your hands a soapy, watery wash. Additionally, try to avoid getting hand sanitizer on your nails if you plan to use it.