Columns and three other Mega Drive gems join Nintendo Switch Online

Four Mega Drive classics are today making their way to Nintendo’s Switch Online service, including puzzle game Columns.

The match-three game was the Mega Drive’s answer to Tetris, with coloured gems falling from the top of the screen to iconic music. I played the hell out of this as part of the Mega Games One compilation.

The other games joining are Golden Axe 2, Alien Storm, and Virtua Fighter 2.

Golden Axe 2 joins the first in the series on Switch Online, providing more side-scrolling fantasy beat-em-up action.

Alien Storm is another side-scrolling action game, this time with special forces team the Alien Busters preventing an alien race from taking over Earth. It’s one of the most 90s things you’ll ever play.

Lastly, Virtua Fighter 2 is (obviously) the second game in Sega’s long-running fighting series, but unlike the arcade and Saturn versions it’s presented in 2D with sprite characters.

These are the first games to join Switch Online since September, when Earthworm Jim, Alisia Dragoon, and The Story of Thor joined the service.